It’s Time to Heal

You can be free of the pain of the past and claim a life of joy.


Session 1. Deeping Understanding & Discovering Dignity
Understanding the origins of self-blame and self-condemnation. Understanding dignity, its elements, and its violations. Understanding what self-forgiveness is not. Naming an understanding the consequences to of self-condemnation. Self-forgiveness as an adjunct to forgiveness.

Session 2. Naming the Harm
Identifying the gap. Understanding values. Understanding needs. Distinguishing between needs and strategies. Understanding empathy. Identifying violations of dignity. Identifying values.

Session 3. Stepping towards Repair
Understanding your fear, anger, shame, and grief on the journey to self-forgiveness. Taking inventory. The anatomy of an apology. The power of naming our hurt. Emotional fluency and its role in healing.

Session 4. Growing Resilience, Building Your Resources, and Reclamation of Dignity
Rumination and its remedy. Exposing expectations. Understanding thoughts, feelings, and the body. Emotional agility and resilience. Moving from rumination to self-reflection.

Session 5. Making a Commitment to Leave off Self-Condemnation
Understanding the costs of self-condemnation. Reaching for renewal. Shifting from self-blame to self-worth.

Session 6. Resolving to Live Differently & Writing Your New Story
The path to self-forgiveness. How healing happens.  The choice to release or renew the relationship. Revisiting values. Revisiting dignity. Putting it all together on the path to freedom and joy.

A strong evidence base forms the foundation for this trauma-informed coaching experience.

All sharing occurs only in pairs

“Jennifer is an amazing listener – someone who can put together the many and varied pieces of what you share and put them back together in a way that you have never considered.”


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Letting go of past hurts leads to a life of more joy, peace, and freedom. Move into a vision of a new life.

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Our stories can show us at our best – but they can also be dimly-lit cages that keep us from seeing what we truly are, and what is truly possible.