The Dignity Lab

Live and Lead with Dignity

Next-level leadership in a complex and chaotic world

This is right for you if…

You are a leader who wants to lead with purpose, dignity, and courage

You have experienced disruption or workplace trauma.

You want to shift from insecure to self-assured.

You want to navigate challenges at work with ease.

You want to learn how to manage conflict.

You want to reach your potential as a values-driven leader.

You want to ignite and sustain your team, giving you the freedom to pursue your vision.

What is dignity?

Your dignity is your inherent worth, your value. Dignity is your birthright. You don’t have to earn it, hustle for it, or hoard it. No one has more or less dignity than another person.

Understanding dignity changes the way we live and lead. We treat ourselves and others as if we, and they, are people of value. 

Understanding dignity can help you understand how you want to lead even if you’ve never had leadership training or a perfect role model.

As a leader, leading with dignity will help you create energized and committed teams.

What is the Dignity Lab? Imagine…

…an ongoing, supportive, and confidential conversation about how to repair those thorny workplace situations that keep you up at night

…learning from others how they navigate violations of trust in their organization

…learning how to be mindfully aware, flexible in your leadership style, and effective 

Why “Lab”?

We’re all experimenting, trying new things so we can move past old patterns into new possibilities.

Just like in a lab, not everything will work. Being able to practice, to experiment, to “fail forward” will take you further than continuing along the same path.

Side bonus—when you put “Lab Meeting” in your calendar, everyone (including you) will treat it as sacrosanct, not to be double-booked or canceled.

Will I need to prepare for the meetings?

There will be resources (written and recorded) available to you to amplify your learning and practice. We’re all busy. But you’re making a commitment to grow. The accompanying resources will support you in that growth. 

How often do we meet? How many sessions? What if I miss a session?

We meet once a month. When you join, you’ll be a member for 12 months. You don’t have to attend every lab meeting. 

What is the cost?

It depends on whether you’re already working with me as a coaching client and where you are in your career trajectory. It is also possible that you can submit the invoice to your workplace for reimbursement. Let’s talk and make this work!

“The Dignity Lab offers a chance to slow down, to be present, to see other people, and to be seen. We think through real-life situations through the lens of dignity. I keep coming because of the people, because of the chance to focus and think critically about how dignity is or isn’t being honored in life and at work.”


From a physician leader, mother, and wife new to their role…

“I am working as a leader without enough organizational support. I joined The Dignity Lab to increase my community of fellow leaders.

Being in The Dignity Lab with Jennifer is AMAZING. The work we do is entering into my life in a fundamental way–I have taken so much advice and wisdom from these groups, sometimes without even realizing it. Jennifer’s approach–meeting us where we are, moving alongside us, really listening to each person in the group, reminding us about larger frameworks for our experience–helps me actually integrate what we talk about in the group into my day-to-day life.”


From a physician leader, wife, and mother of two in a top-ranked health system…

“I joined The Dignity Lab because I was curious about joining a learning space with others in similar roles with potentially similar challenges and interests. It’s been healing in a way I didn’t know I needed.